22 May 2008

Holy Crap, I like Marks & Spencers

I'm as surprised as you are chickadees, but I recently bought several very gorgeous and quite different items all from Marks & Spencers, not the least of which was this nifty little petticoat skirt:

Don't even get me started about how good (and cheap!) their shoes have been lately. Any wonder profits are up.

I'm planning on wearing the skirt with a tight little ribbed navy cardigan I picked up at Topshop a while back. I'm going for an overall Fifties effect, but with a modern feel, a bit like the lovely Chuck from Pushing Daisies whose adorable retro-style I have fallen in love with recently:

Ignore the sinister man in the doorway - isn't she just pure sunshine? Aww...You'd never guess that Anna Friel used to be famous for being a lesbian on a now defunct British Soap
Aww...*so cute*

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