30 May 2008

C'est Insupportable!

There are many reasons to love Paris Metro. Its twisting, twirling iron entrances by architect (and fellow Pisces) Hector Guimard make you feel as though you are descending through a portal into a fairy underworld, inexplicably located in the middle of an urban footpath. These entrances are among the most iconic images of Belle Epoque art ever produced and have served as symbols not just of Paris' perennial beauty and elegance, but of its ability to harmoniously couple aesthetics with industry and modernity, as represented by the use of cutting edge (at the time) materials such as cast iron:

But anyone who does think that Paris Metro is an artistic fairyland is in for a shock when they see this ugly and retrograde little number plastered all over the underground's insides:

(Whilst he watches the football...[Here are some wonderful vacuums you women folk could be making yourselves useful with!])

To say that this advert, made by a company called Rue du Commerce for the Euro 2008 (please feel free to spam them maliciously) is offensive/pathetic/stupid/insulting to women isn't enough. The ugliness of its sentiments insults Paris itself by marring one of the city's cultural gems with such trash. As zee Joli Kiwi says "Classe les gares!"
Needless to say, what this "advert" implies about men is pretty despicable too.


Grace said...

Wow! That sign is seriously sexist.

But the Paris Metro is beautiful. I'd love to be able to visit someday.

dizzyink said...

I know. It really is shocking. Let's hope it's been torn down by the time you make your trip to Paris!

Anonymous said...