21 May 2008


Look at these stupid, bloody shoes:

They're made by a company called Creatures of Comfort and cost $115: dear God, these shoes give me rage.

I've always thought there was something weird and OCD about the trend for decorating items by labeling them - like mugs that say "MUG" or coffee jars that say "COFFEE". Can you imagine what the house of somebody who took this trend to its logical conclusion would be like? All the walls would be covered with a giant Helvetica Bold print of the word "WALL", but then they'd have to also be covered with the "PAINT" over and over in the background. This would be a person that would put on their make up with a felt tip writing in "EYE", "EYE", "MOUTH - PLEASE DO NOT OPEN" and, of course, every single item of clothing in their "WARDROBE" would all have to be labeled with the words "LAME", "PRETENTIOUS", "A GOOD REASON TO ASSUME BAD THINGS ABOUT ME".

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